Custom Spirit Wear Makes a Difference

I was at my son’s baseball game recently and took a closer look at the different fans around the park.  The groups that stood out were of course those that were wearing spirit wear to support their team.  They seemed more into the game and even seemed to be cheering louder and having more fun than their counterparts.

The players that wore custom jerseys were certainly set apart from those that simply wore the t-shirt given to them by the league.  They seemed more confident and I have even heard kids say “we can beat them because we have better uniforms”.  At one game midway through the season we gave each boy on our son’s team a wristband with their player number on it and they couldn’t have been happier.  It gave them an extra boost.

I also recall my son’s first football game last year.  None of the parents seemed interested in any spirit wear but I couldn’t help myself.  Right before we left for the game I came out wearing a shirt with my son’s team name and a rhinestone football on the front and he thought it was so cool.  When I turned around and showed him his name and player number on the back of my shirt I thought he would never stop hugging me.  I couldn’t believe how much that t-shirt meant to him!  When parents try to tell me that spirit wear isn’t that big of a deal I think of that moment.  When they try to tell me it costs too much (usually about $8-$15 for a shirt depending on the decoration, customization and the brand) I laugh when I see them spending money like it’s water at the mall on outfits they will wear once or twice.

I’m almost afraid to call myself this because of the new show on television but I am a dance mom as well.   Now these parents know how to get into the spirit!  Nearly all of them buy spirit wear for their dancer(s), mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma and grandpa.  Most of them customize their shirts, jackets and pants with the dancer’s name to make them feel that much more special.  It is a lot of fun to go to competitions and see all the spirit wear and bling.

Simple or ornate, spirit wear is fun, makes everyone feel like part of the group and brings a sense of pride to the team.