Should I Use a CMS or Not?

Web clients a lot of times want a content management system (CMS) setup on their site so that they can do their own updates. Oftentimes these updates consist of changing some text, adding a new picture here or there, or other very small updates. We offer to do these basic updates as long as they are limited in scope at no charge to our clients who host their websites with us and are clients in good standing.

The majority of clients will send updates once every 3 months if that. You have a business to run! Our turnaround time is very quick on updates, typically within 24 hours, so there is no real need for 99% of small business to take any of that in-house.

The only time we would recommend taking something in-house for web is if you are building a blog and doing the writing yourself. Then having access to your blog and blog comments to moderate and update each day yourself.

The majority of small businesses that use a CMS is because they are trying to cut corners on cost. Doing so will also limit the growth and flexibility of your website. With a custom designed and built site (which is what we mainly offer) you will have the flexibility to quickly get a video added to your site, change the functionality of the gallery, make each page unique, and build a very large site with a flexible navigation. These of course are all maintained by us but with our quick turnaround time, the added flexibility is worth it.

We largely suggest clients don’t use a CMS so they can spend more of their time doing what they do best and not messing with their website. Leave that up to us the professionals. And we don’t need a CMS to maintain your site because we understand coding and the intricacies of how a website performs and operates.

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