Cloud Web Hosting?

With everyone talking about “the cloud” regarding email, music, documents, calendars, and so on, why not also talk about cloud website hosting? Well, most of you hire a company like us to take care of the hosting for you. If you’re a client of ours or a potential client, this article probably doesn’t mean much to you, if you are a fellow web developer, marketing company, or just interested in web or networking, read on.

Cloud website hosting has popped up more and more recently and is an option I believe we will take part in once our current servers run their course. Typically, a company like us will lease or purchase a web server, put it in a data center for redundancy and security, and pay a monthly fee for the bandwidth, licenses, physical space and so on. Then, if you only have one or just a couple websites, you could buy or lease space on a “shared server” which means you have an account to lease space on someone’s dedicated server and use it, because you don’t need much.

Now we have cloud hosting. Rather than buying or leasing a full server trying to account for growth and having to manage that server, try cloud hosting. With cloud hosting you have arrays of processors, storage, ram, and so forth. The OS that runs those arrays allows people to purchase or lease pieces of it. So for instance, I can lease 4Ghz of processing power, 8gig of RAM, and 1TB of storage space. Setup my virtual server and get going. With a traditional box, when I exceed those specs, I need to buy a new server and move everything. PITA!

With cloud hosting I don’t. I simply tell the hosting provider that I need 2 more Ghz and 4 more Gig of ram or another TB of hard drive space. And it becomes available to me and away I go.

The backup solutions are great and just having the hardware redundancy without having to pay for it is fantastic.

I have a big project I’ll be using cloud hosting for as I just don’t know what I will need and next month I may need twice what I think I need now. It allows for growth and expansion easily.