Clever Use of Navigation

How many ways can you make the navigation on a website?

Horizontal, vertical, dropdowns, split navigation, columns, blah blah blah. The navigation of a site is really important because this is how the user gets around your site. It needs to be easy to get around but also look like it belongs with the site…part of the design.

Andersen Storm Doors website does just this.

The normal navigation across the top with dropdowns, ok, typical no biggie but to the left there is a tab for How To Shop. Click on that and a navigation and instructions slide out from the left to the center of the screen. Click the button again and it goes away.

Hiding extra navigation like this is becoming more popular as HTML5, JQuery, CSS3 and other new technologies become accepted more. They are very powerful and can really add to the design and also the user experience on the website. Chick-fil-a has a great one too that we’ve touched on in the past and some of the different pages have additional navigation menus.

I’ve seen this a lot in the restaurant industry and it seems to finally be making it’s way into other industries. When getting a new website built it’s always a great idea to show your designers some sample website that you really like first. Not only for design concepts but for interactivity. I like the way this menu works, I like the way this gallery works. That will help your designers craft a highly effective website that also includes things you personally like and want in your site.