Christmas Fashion Even Hipsters Aren’t Cool Enough For

We are currently in the day of the hipster. They are the twenty-something generation that is known to rock burly beards, tattoos and skinny jeans at the same time and somehow pull it off. Yes, many of them are graphic designers. They not only grow big beards but long handlebar mustaches as well. If you put a mustache of that sort on me, I will look like a genuine creepo. I have no particular desire to be a hipster, but I have had a certain admiration from afar for those able to look relatively normal in weird attire.

I think the male hipster has finally met his match. The challenge is unusual Christmas getups. First, we have the “beard baubles”. These are Christmas tree ornaments for your beard. No, not even the coolest hipster could pull this off. This looks ridiculous. I am not even completely sure this is a real fad or just an urban legend someone has started to get attention. In any case it does not work.

Next we have Christmas suits. These are fashioned after the popular ugly christmas sweaters. Apart from an actual christmas party where you are supposed be dressed in ironic attire this fails. Note: if it only works in the specific context of a costume party, it is not stylish. There may be a chance the beard bauble/christmas suit combination may be worn by the hippest hipsters in the most chic design firm, but I argue will not be cool. Enough is enough, hipsters.