Choosing the Correct Paper for a Project

Paper comes in so many colors & textures its hard to choose the correct paper stock to convey the right message. If you walk into a paper company like, xpedx, you are sure to be overwhelmed. There are so many options to choose from, that I can see why it is such an overwhelming process.

Things you should consider:

What color of paper stock will best fit your project? By using a lighter colored paper, you are able to use more colors in the printing process. But what color of light paper to use? They can range from white, off white, beige, ivory, the list goes on and on. Bright colored papers will require a certain ink for them to show up.

The texture of your paper is very important. Most of the time a smooth finish stock is used in print design. However, touch is one of the strongest ways to really make an impression with your audience. It can grab their attention & interest. There are so many textures as well with paper, linen, laid, glossy, etc. that choosing the correct paper texture is a process in itself.

The weight of the paper. Paper is measured in pounds. Most business paper is 20 to 24 pound. Most card stock papers are 60 to 65 pounds. The thicker the piece, the harder it is to fold, the thinner the piece, the easier it is to rip.

What finish should you use for your project? Matte, glossy, satin, semi- gloss? Take a look at a photograph, people usually like the finish to be high-gloss finish for the color of the photo. While using a matte finish can allow people to write on a paper, which gloss makes it hard to do.

There are so many choices when considering what type of paper to use for print media. The decision on what you use is just as important as what is printed on the print piece. Take the time to see what is going to best suit your design, there are so many great choices you can use for your project.