Choosing Colors and Fonts for Your Company

Choosing the right colors & fonts for your company can be crucial in one’s branding success. Your colors & fonts should be easily recognizable for clients and customers to see. Your branding of your company will tell the client a lot about what you do or promote, your audience & success.

In a recent article I wrote, colors are very important in a company’s brand. They can either make or break one’s design because they are so powerful, therefore it is something that should be carefully considered when choosing colors.

Choosing the correct font to represent your company is just as critical as choosing the colors. One should have a typeface that is distinct from all others, but still be legible at the same time.  Remember, that your font you use will more than likely be used on all your business cards, postcards, website & all other forms of advertisement.  Pick something that is also going to be timeless. Hopefully your company can stay in business for a very long time & you will want to continue using the same brand if it is working for your company. There are so many fonts to choose from, so play around until you find the right fit for your company.

Colors & fonts are just a couple of design elements to consider when branding for your company, but they are also a couple of the most important elements. It isn’t something that can just be thrown together in a days time, it will take time to choose the perfect fit. Take your time and explore all of your options when making these important decisions, they could make or break your company’s branding system.