Choose Your Seat

In the past when we wanted to goto a concert or sporting event we would goto the local Ticketmaster retailer or the box office and wait in long lines for hours to get those great seat. Then the internet became popular and everyone was buying tickets online. It was/is great!

But what if you didn’t like your tickets or wanted more options like a specific section? The last time I bought tickets from Ticketmaster you had to release your tickets and it would search for new ones. You could choose based on best available or price range.

Last summer I bought tickets to the Royals game at and was so happy to see you could actually pick the exact seat that you wanted! How great and why isn’t this happening in more places?! I bought 3 tickets for my family, front row in the outfield behind the Royals bullpen. My 3 year old son even got a ball from the bullpen. It made his day.

We even changed the day that we went to the game specifically so we could have these seats. The old way you wouldn’t know unless you called the box office or went there. Couldn’t be done online with Ticketmaster.

Then recently I bought concert tickets on and they let you pick the exact section you want to be in, split seat or not, etc so you can at least get really close to what you want. You can’t pick the exact seat but a much better way of getting the tickets you want than the Ticketmaster approach.

With the advances in technology I would hope Ticketmaster quickly follows suit and when my kids are old enough to buy their own tickets, everywhere they go you can buy online and pick the exact seats you want. Hey, why not? We pay outrageous venue and handling fees, at least give us some added flexibility to pick our seats.