Century Marketing and Mobile Applications?

Mobile applications have really taken off the last couple of years. With heavyweights like Apple and Google stepping up and creating user friendly and developer friendly platforms, smart phones have become mainstream and something many of us feel we can’t live without.

We have been keeping a close eye on mobile applications and seeing how they relate to our customer base and if it’s a wise decision or not. Last year we did a lot more with mobile website but there is just more you can do with a mobile application such as having access to the great on board features like GPS, camera, accelerometer, touch screen capture (signatures) and using the app offline among other things.

There is a cost that comes with developing for smartphones however. Time, research, personnel, and clients that need the service!

Working with small businesses most don’t have the need nor the extra money to develop a huge website let alone a custom mobile application. However, with production costs coming down and more libraries of code readily available, we are getting closer and closer to that point of being able to provide these services to our clients.

If you are interested in this type of service please get a hold of us. The more we hear from our client base about wanting this, we’ll move forward with it sooner. We are here to serve our clients and provide what they want and what they need so let’s hear your opinion on this topic!