email marketing

Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

“For every dollar spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI,” according to Campaign Monitor. That’s more business for your company with a simple email blast to your clients and subscribers. Email marketing is easy to set up and can be scheduled ahead of time to make it easier on you.

For small business owners, marketing and word of mouth are key factors in gaining more clients. Traditional means of marketing, like TV and radio ads, may get your business out there, but at what price? Why spend big bucks on a few seconds of airtime when you can gain big bucks by emailing clients with the simple click of a button?

Email marketing is more personal and can be easily seen by clients on the go. Whether at a desktop or on their mobile device, they will see your email. According to TechCrunch, of “Gmail’s 1 billion users, 75 percent of them check their email through their mobile device.” With many email marketing platforms being mobile responsive, it will be easy for you to communicate to your viewers.

Sparking a customer’s interest with a well-designed email and call to action gets quick responses which could mean fast money for your business. With an email blast, you can quickly funnel traffic to your website which can also drive sales.

Most email marketing platforms are also measurable. This means when someone opens your email or clicks a link in your email you will see that in the statistics the site gives you. This way, you can see what is working and what is not and optimize for the next round.

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