Branding Solutions to College Conference Shakeups

Things have been a little confusing for the last few years in college sports with the shakeup in the major conferences. The pac 10 acquired two more schools becoming a conference with twelve teams. They changed their name and logo accordingly, rolling out a new Pac 12 logo. The Big 10 conference gained two new schools as well, but changing their name to the Big 12 wouldn’t work because that conference name already exists. Meanwhile the Big 12 conference only has ten teams now. Switching names between the conferences wouldn’t work because that would be too confusing.

What is the solution? Apparently just ignoring the issue all together and keeping the same name. The Big 10 introduced a new logo a couple years ago, maintaining the Big 10 name with a new look. A couple weeks ago the Big 12 conference also revealed a preliminary version of an updated logo, renewing the Big 12 brand. Neither logo update makes much sense but at least the Big 12 seems to have a rationale in keeping the same name. They have still been in the process of trying to acquire a couple more schools to bring their number back up to twelve. It is very doubtful that the Big 10 has plans for anything other than expanding more. They will never have ten schools again. I haven an idea. How about we stop using numbers (or roman numerals) when branding our conference names? You think that makes sense?