Out of the Box?

In the web world, most clients fall into 1 of 3 categories.

1) I know nothing, you’re the expert, you tell me what should be done
2) I know nothing, I’M the expert, I will tell you the professional how to do your job
3) I know nothing, can’t you just buy it from someone for $50 and install it and it’ll all work?

Granted, not everyone falls into those 3 categories but for the most part they do. In my experience anyways. Each creates a different set of hurdles and obstacles that must be overcome and addressed with the client before the project can get moving.

Recently I’ve had a lot of number 3 and a lot of blank stares when I have to explain it’s not as simple as installing an app on your iPad.

Whatever the scenario may be, whether it involves email, calendars, WYSIWYG editors, or photo managing web software; I can’t catch a break! The public has been spoiled by great things such as apps and software on computers and software in the cloud but what they don’t realize is a group of very smart people had to sit down and write code for all that stuff to work the way it does. If that piece of web software is exactly what you want, sure, I can install it and away you go. Like WordPress. Takes what? 10 minutes to install and I can walk away right?


Nothing web related is as simple as that. Everyone wants it customized. This doesn’t quite look the way I want it to or I want it to do this too or that. The vast majority of the time those details they want changed are doable. No problem. But you have to give me time to do it and time costs money.

While these out of the box solutions help here and there and can be pieced together to put something nice together, a very competent person has to put all the pieces together and get them all to talk to one another. For that reason there will always be a demand for developers not simply to create the next great piece of web software, but to customize it for some companies specific purpose.

Good web people are hard to come by.

We have a job opening for a web developer right now. If you think it sounds like fun to work in a fast paced environment where you need to mix and match web applications and scripts to create something custom for the client, maintain websites, minor graphics work, content management, etc, send me a resume and samples of your work.

And maybe, just maybe, the next time a client comes in looking for us to tie several out of the box products together, YOU can be the one to explain the process and not me!