No More Books

In the web development world and even web design, you can’t memorize everything. That’s just silly and impossible. 10 years ago most developers had a bookcase full of books for reference. Many still do that today but it’s also very easy to use online resources.

Google has a developer resources section as do all the various programming languages, the W3C, and so on. When you have a quick question you can typically Google it and come up with an answer, tutorial, and code very quickly to help you with your project. If not, a message on a forum may lead to an answer.

This is good and all for reference material but there are still things that I find having a book to teach the concepts and procedures is irreplaceable.

I’m reading through some books on WordPress theme development and plugin development. I know how to code in PHP, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and on and on and on. I know how to use WordPress, it’s easy. How to find themes and plugins, very easy. But what do you do when you want to build your own theme from the ground up spending a couple thousand hours in development? You can’t just find tutorials online to teach it all.

You could take a college class easy and spend all your time learning about the core of WordPress. I’m busy and don’t have time for classes nor have the real need for a teacher. So instead, I do what they used to do long ago and pickup a book! There’s something about going to the bookstore and thumbing through some books on a topic. Finding what you need and reading a few pages before making the purchase. Then heading back to your computer and read and develop!