Why are Blogs Valuable?

Blogs are one of the web elements that has stood the test of time and will for years to come. The reason is they allow the website owner to interact with customers, clients, potential partners and more in a more personal aspect.

Take us for instance. We are a marketing company that specializes in web, email, print, design, banners, signs, apparel, vehicle graphics and more. So there are a lot of pages on our website that detail the products and services that we offer but it is all presented in a professional manner, just like any professional website.

Then we have this little corner of our website that we have our blog. It serves several purposes. One is it helps to add content and words to our website to help with Search Engine Optimization. But, it’s also a way for us workers at Century Marketing to give a little personal input on things within our industry that might be interesting to some of you out there. It’s interesting to us and we like to share that.

Definitely items that don’t need their own “page” on our site but can be put in a blog. In other industries being able to share photos from a job and other information in a more relaxed setting is really how blogs are used. If you really want to interact you can allow comments on your blog and hopefully get a legit following of people who choose to interact back with you, although this normally isn’t the case. Not that many people are so excited about building websites that they want to follow our blog. Find an article that helps them or sparks their interest, sure. But probably not to come back each week looking for the next thought.

So if you don’t have a blog on your website, get one added, and spent 10 minutes a week adding a new article talking about your company or your industry.