The Artist in You

I’ve seen a lot of interesting Instagram photography lately and it has inspired me to revisit some Photoshop techniques used to create fascinating images. I’d like to think I’m current with the latest trends, but let’s face it, I don’t even have a smartphone yet! Still, I can dream and use what tools I do have at my disposal. Mainly a camera and Photoshop…and patience. I love to combine photos and see what happens. In the past I’ve spent hours merging, blending and morphing imagery to create what I like to think of as “art”.

Photoshop offers a variety of transparency modes and filters which help to achieve interesting results. If you have a couple images which you think might work well together, try layering one on top of the other in Photoshop. I didn’t come prepared to this blog post, so I have randomly pulled a couple of images from my “dumb” phone to play around with (yes it does have a camera). With this example I have layered the moth photo on top of the light streak photo and applied the “Color Dodge” transparency mode in the Layers palette to the moth image. Voila! There you have it, “Megamoth Ascending”. This is one small and simple example of how to create a unique photo merge in Photoshop. The possibilities are endless if you’ve got the images, Photoshop and time to spare. So get to it…now you can be the artist.