Adobe No Longer Continuing Encore?

We just upgraded to the new Adobe CS CC Suite. We have the Creative Cloud subscriptions which are awesome and recommend it to anyone in the design, web or video fields. You get free upgrades when the new updates and products come out, just pay a monthly licensing fee. (All software will eventually go this route but it’s nice not to shell out thousands of dollars at a time.)

When I did the upgrade I noticed something was missing. Adobe Encore was nowhere to be found. It was bundled with Premiere Pro on CS6 but it wasn’t there on Premiere Pro CC. Surely it had to be there somewhere.

We use Encore to do some DVD authoring for clients, ok I’ll admit we don’t do it much anymore but still here and there. I did some searching on the Adobe Help Forums and found that they discontinued it. The reason they gave was everything is being pushed toward the cloud more and more by the day. Very few people still do any kind of DVD authoring.

Yikes! Is it really that bad for the DVD? How long until DVDs are history? And what about Blu-Ray authoring?

The new Premiere Pro CC has options integrated to do chapters and so forth like you find if you download a movie from iTunes so that is nice to have. As technology continues to expand I wonder what product is next on the chopping block? We know Flash will be history, but for Encore to go away so quick surprised me. So, I had to re-download CS6 so I would have Encore for the clients I need it for.

Another note on Creative Cloud, is you can download and use older versions of the products if you need to. So in this case, everything worked out just fine.