2012 Goals

This is the time of year that companies are looking at their budgets for 2012 and also reviewing how things went in 2011.

The Century Marketing crew has seen a big shift the last year and believe this trend will continue for 2012. A lot of companies are leaving print advertisements in magazines and phone books and instead opting to spend that money on their websites.

A good monthly SEO program and a custom designed, top notch site designed to not only grab your visitors but to help you be found on Google, will cost less than half of what most are spending on print ads. And we’ll show you positive results.

Many are simply losing patience with the print advertising as the world transitions to an electronic, high paced society. Book stores are going out of business, newspaper companies are hurting, magazine companies are hurting… everyone has a handheld device and on the move and want it quick and in electronic form.

Give us a call and ask about a free consultation on how we can help you plan your 2012 marketing budget, our custom websites, mobile websites, and SEO programs geared to give you more traffic and more business.